What Color Roofing Shingles Should I Get

Why is it important to choose the right color shingles for your roof?

Take this into consideration. When you drive by someone’s home one of the most visible aspects of that home is the roof. The roof plays a key role in how a home is evaluated. Anywhere from twenty to forty percent of a home’s exterior can be viewed from driving or walking by. The color of a roof can add tremendously to the beauty and desirability of a home. The value of a home can be enhanced by the color of the shingle alone.

Roof shingle colors should be chosen with a number of considerations in mind. Colors should be thought of in terms of blending, flowing, contrasts, tones, and accents. Ask yourself how the color of the shingles you desire will blend with the brick, stucco, or siding? Consider the color of the trim paint and fascia. Will the color of your shingle work well with your gutters? These are all questions you should ask yourself before choosing the right shingle for your home. Many roofers offer shingle color to home exterior matching services.

Selecting a Shingle Color

Watch selecting a color of shingle that has a busy assortment of colors for a home that has a busy brick color. It could cause the overall look of your home to be noisy and flashy. If your brick is busy and patterned then go with a solid colored shingle or vice versa. If the brick or siding is one solid color then go with a shingle that has an assorted color and pattern. A good rule of thumb is to choose a darker color shingle than the structure color of your house.

Be thoughtful of your neighbors. It is always a smart idea to look around at the roofs on the houses in your neighborhood and find a color of shingle that will flow with, and even compliment the rest of the roofs of your neighbors. Your neighbors will appreciate it. And besides, you don’t want a house that has a roof on it that screams out loud, “I have bad taste and I want my neighbors to see my bad taste everyday when they wake up.” It’s never a bad idea to get help from a decorator of roofing expert if you don’t feel that you able to make that choice on your own.

In choosing the right color shingle for your roof you should know what you are hoping to achieve for yourself and express to others. Do you want your home to be warm and inviting then choose colors that tend to be warm, calming, soothing, and easy to look at. Or, do you want something exciting and expressive? Colors can express ones personality. Vibrant, showy, and desiring to make a statement. Colors do all these things.

What color roofing shingles should you get? Well, that is the question only you can decide. Take time to make it enjoyable. Don’t make a choice until you think it through. Once the shingles are on the roof it may be too expensive to change.